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Young Adult and Adult Therapy

Stressed, self-conscious, indecisive? Stuck in a way of thinking thats holding you back? Overwhelmed and feeling trapped? You know your life has a purpose but sometimes its hard to identify what that is. As your therapist I’ll help you identify what’s missing, develop your goals, and help you let go of the things keeping you stuck--anything from anxiety, guilt, self-criticism, bad habits, doubt, relationship issues, and trauma. Sometimes you feel stuck in career, in relationships, in family, or even with yourself. Lets identify your obstacles and tackle them.

I meet you where you're at, whether thats just the beginning or you're a seasoned therapy pro, and offer an empathetic & collaborative experience. No two clients are alike, so I utilize a range of theory and treatment modalities to meet your needs. My goal to provide a nurturing and peaceful environment so that you can discover who you are and heal.

Indicators it may be time to start therapy:

  • Feeling burn out 

  • Usual things that bring you joy no longer do

  • Sleeping and/or eating habits have changed

  • Uncontrollable emotions--more crying, more anger, ect

  • Declining more social invites than accepting

  • Unhealthy habits are becoming problematic--drinking, addiction, negativity, self-sabotage, ect

  • Relationships are declining

  • You've experienced a trauma ("big" or "small")

  • Low or non-existent support system (aka--everyone needs someone to talk to!)

  • Low self-awareness, desire to develop a deeper understanding of patterns and way of thinking

  • Exercising, self-help books, or talking with a friend hasn't helped yet 

  • Feeling STUCK 

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