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Just because we all go through it doesn't mean it's good. Or normal. Or helpful.

Developing coping skills and tools as a human being is hard. As a teenager, even harder. Maybe you or your child is experiencing depression, isolation, feelings. of emptiness, anxiety, panic attacks... or struggling with identity, purpose, grades and school. Or maybe the future looks bleak, or too far away, or unimportant, or too important. I use a collaborative counseling approach, building trust, safety, and compassion. I draw from solution-focused, narrative, acceptance and commitment therapy, and person-centered theories to help build coping skills and create the endurance necessary to live life on this earth. 

Common Issues Addressed in Adolescent Therapy:

  • Identity

  • Coping Skills for Anxiety, Depression, or Anger

  • Grief

  • Trauma

  • Panic Attacks, fear

  • Loss of Purpose

  • School decline or perfectionism 

  • Development of Healthy Attachment Style with Peers

  • Self-esteem/confidence issues 

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