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I believe we have the power within us to achieve our goals and process through our past experiences in a way that feels best for us. Sometimes, we just need a guide. People desire counseling for many reasons--to process the past/future, develop a career identity, build self-esteem, reduce anxiety and stress, trauma, grief, life transitions, and relationship concerns. My approach allows you work at your own pace, addressing areas you think are important. If you want to hear more about what to expect in therapy, feel free to email or call.

my approach

the first appointment

Now the real fun begins! First sessions are basically an elongated consult. We'll continue where we left off in the consult and build upon your unique story. This is where be start to get really clear about goals for treatment, whether that's coping with anxiety or depression, trauma, finding a new career, or processing a situation.

the consult

Finding the right therapist is a necessary process to best achieve your goals. Not all therapists are the same, and I want to make sure I am the best therapist to serve your needs. We'll schedule a FREE 15-minute consult to get to know each other a little bit, I'll give you an overview of how therapy works, and you'll tell me a little bit about you and your goals. I'll answer payment questions, frequency of sessions, and any other questions you have for me. And if it's a good fit, we'll schedule our first session and I'll send you intake documents to prepare for our first session. 

the counseling experience

The overall goal for therapy is to meet you where you're at and develop coping skills to start feeling better. Normally, I request we meet for 6 weeks, one session per week, to establish rapport, build trust, and clearly identify goals. Some people need therapy for only those first 6 sessions, some need it for 3-6 months, and others need it for a year or longer. I will provide you with a more specific estimate once we meet. 

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