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Emotional Transformation Therapy

Do you find yourself continuing to repeat negative patterns over and over?  It could be negative thoughts in your head, or core beliefs, or the same patterns again and again in dating and friendships. Feeling stuck in career, relationships, life, grief...but not sure how to "unstick" yourself.  Tried every coping skills imaginable but you're still anxious or depressed. 


Emotional Transformation Therapy, or ETT, utilizes aspects of attachment theory with light patterns through visual brain stimulation. These attachment patterns from childhood or adolescence can cause problematic patterns, that make us feel like no matter what we do, it will never change. 

ETT works by visually stimulating the brain through light and color, and your ETT therapist helps to identify memories and the negative core beliefs associated with them. The visuals stimulation is done with a wall chart, with the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV).  Each color is associated with specific areas of the brain, body, and emotion that can lead to effective change and deeper understanding of core beliefs associated with memories and/or trauma. 

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