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Book List

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Don Richard Riso

Deep dive into what the enneagram means, a thorough guide to what your "type" means.

Relationship Goals

Michael Todd

A christian perspective on dating and dating "God's Way".

#HealthyAdult: PIVOT 

Lori Jean Glass

Do you find yourself in the same, unfulfilling, destructive relationships time and again? 


Jay Stringer

Porn, lust, and addiction recovery through understanding how trauma affects our desires. Christian perspective.

Free to Thrive

Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett

Understanding the root of your pain, and how that root manifests in mental health. Christian perspective, relationship and porn struggles.

The Defining Decade

Dr. Meg Jay

How the things you do in your 20s matter. What you do for your relationships, career, mind, and body matter in your defining decade.

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